Why do we want to be your technical training partner?

  • We have over 150 years experience in complete water cycle and environment management, covering more than 10 areas of knowledge.
  • We design specific training actions intended for a closed group of professionals from an organization with a practical approach, meeting the specific needs of each client.
  • Our training seeks tangible results, with a high experiential component. The objective is to find solutions to real day-to-day cases, always with the help of our network of experts.
  • Collaborating with organizations such as Empresas Públicas de Cundinamarca strengthens the objective of achieving more sustainable and efficient management of the water resource

“Colaborar con organizaciones como Empresas Públicas de Cundinamarca fortalece el objetivo de lograr una gestión más sostenible y eficiente del recurso hídrico”

Manuel Giraldo

Director Territorial d'Aigües de Barcelona