Intensive online technical training


The online AQUAfocus programmes are short tutored training courses which emphasize specific technical aspects within urban water cycle management. All the AQUAfocus programmes are taught in Spanish.


Complete water cycle management


Drainage and Wastewater Treatment


Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution


Water Basin Infrastructures


AQUAfocus are pills lasting 4, 6 or 8 weeks integrated in the training Itinerary of the Online Master in Water Technology and Management which allow you to begin one or several AQUAfocus and, subsequently, at your own pace, obtain a masters degree or postgraduate qualification.



If you wish to include the School of Waters programmes within your companys training plan for two or more employees, consult the discounts with
They may also qualify for subsidies from the State Foundation for Employment Training (Tripartita Foundation), an organization which subsidizes companies which are committed to employee training through the application of discounts to Social Security contributions.