Learning Experience

Practical, contributory, innovative, personalized


The training methodologies proposed by the School of Water are inspired by a representation of active and experiential learning, in which students are responsible for their own learning.

Therefore, the School of Water incorporates into its training programmes elements linked to the professional environment, such as technical visits, solving professional challenges, internships in facilities, etc.


The learning is built up in a network, that is to say resolving collaborative proposals and activities: a key skill for professional development.


With the aim of meeting the current demands of connectivity and mobility, the training actions integrate the use of transmedia teaching formats. This helps students to develop, at the same time, the skills required from professionals; that is to say, to have the best digital and technological competencies.

Participants moreover have access to the CREA, Water Resources Centre, which allows them to discover the sectors new developments and trends, together with prestigious international experts.


We adapt to the needs of the student, through a flexible and modular pathway which integrates face-to-face and online methods, incorporating the academic recognition of professional experience when possible.

We also generate customized solutions for companies and institutions which require specific training actions.