Study tour of water facilities

The School of Water’s Study Tour offers participants the possibility of completing an intensive programme of visits to state-of-the-art urban water cycle facilities accompanied by the managers and experts from each facility.

Over four consecutive days -26,27, 28 and 29 November-, the visits foreseen to the various facilities (DWTP, WWTP, Seawater Desalination Plant, water tanks, operational control centre, laboratory, etc.) will highlight the technical characteristics which make them attractive to professionals thanks to their modern, efficient and environmentally friendly designs and operating models.

The programme also represents a meeting point for professionals from the sector interested in sharing best practices based on professional experience.

Potential candidates:

  • Holders of degrees in engineering, diplomas in engineering and degrees in scientific and technical subjects (biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology).
  • Water sphere professionals with experience in the technical spheres of the complete water cycle.
  • Professionals responsible for water management in companies from the sector, industries or operating and regulating bodies.
  • Professionals with experience in the sphere of business management.
  • Technicians and Professionals with specific knowledge in any of the stages of the urban water cycle.

Confirming your registration before 28 September 2018 has advantages: you guarantee yourself a place on our programme and we apply a 15% reduction to registration.