Social Impact

Our vectors of change: awareness-raising, employability, productivity and innovation

The School of Water makes a clear contribution of change to society in accordance with the Suez groups values and objectives. Its mission includes developing professionals from the sector with the highest level of excellence and skills and raising the awareness of all the agents involved in water management.

In all cases, the model of change of our educational and training programmes responds to sustainable water management, understood as that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The School of Water monitors its social return, the main vectors of change being: 

  • AWARENESS-RAISING: through our actions, we raise the awareness of people in relation to more sustainable water use, and they therefore consume and contaminate less water.
  • EmplOYABILITY: we aid access to the water labour market and support the development of careers in the sector.
  • ProductiVITY: we contribute to making water management services more efficient and sustainable. 
  • InnovaTIOn: we generate applied innovation projects which are transferred to society.


Some figures on the social return:

5000 participants
+100 students
+ 500 accreditation
of skill processes 
+ 80.000 € per year
Grants and Subsidies