Training and dissemination in water and the environment

In an increasingly competitive market, the acquisition of new water and environment management knowledge and skills is a key aspect for the development of professionals in the sector. In the School of Water, we endeavour to ensure that our training programmes are adapted to these needs and are the best choice.

The School of Water offers training programmes on water and the environment geared toward both companies and professionals, covering all spheres of the complete water cycle with programmes for all the key positions of an organization.

Our proposals ranges from masters degrees and postgraduate programmes to specialized technical courses, in addition to Vocational Training and educational and awareness-raising programmes, using different formats (face-to-face, blended learning and online), with innovative methodologies which facilitate learning and its immediate application.

Our approach combines the academic rigour provided by prestigious universities and technical schools with the expertise accumulated over more than 165 years in complete water cycle management worldwide.

We thus organize our activity according to different areas of knowledge:


We offer various training programmes which cover all the key positions of an organization and we also meet the needs of the administrations as regards educational and awareness-raising actions:

For technicians and managers

  • Master's degrees focused on the skills related to business strategy for the water and environment sector. University accreditation.
  • Postgraduate programmes cover all aspects concerning technical management of the urban water cycle. With university accreditation.
  • AQUAfocus study specific issues of professional interest in water and the environment in depth. Geared toward specific training needs and with a short duration.
  • AQUAstages intensive stays which combine face-to-face sessions by experts with technical visits to the group’s facilities.
Tailored courses

We offer companies and institutions the possibility of developing customized training programmes which adapt to their needs.

Specific training programmes or actions geared toward a closed group of professionals from an organization and designed with a practical focus paying attention to the specific requirements of each client.

Contact us and explain your training need.


For operators

Tailored courses

We offer companies and institutions the possibility of developing customized training programmes which adapt to their needs.

  • Diagnosis and detection of training needs, applying the solution to the needs ad hoc.
  • Professional qualification.
  • Design and adaptation of contents to the companys needs.
  • Specialization training actions.
  • Short training capsules.

Citizens in general

  • AQUALOGÍA school programme.
  • Environmental education programmes for companies and administrations.
  • Exhibition, museum and water heritage projects.
Tailored courses

We develop environmental awareness-raising programmes and services for schoolchildren, citizens, companies and society in general.

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