Training for Professional Qualification

Boosting professional performance


The online training path designed for operator and administrative profiles is made up of a set of short-term online courses whose main objective is to provide participants the knowledge and tools needed for the correct development of their functions and responsibilities in water companies. The different courses could be taken independently.

The contents of the courses have been prepared taking as a reference the map of professional competencies approved by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security of the Government of Spain, for the field of Professional Training for Employment.

From a completely work-based approach, the different courses expose the essential concepts that workers with an operator profile need to know in order to perform their functions in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way.

The different programs are included in the following areas:

 (these programmes are taught in Spanish)

Water Treatment Plants:


Water Networks:




Do you want to train your team? If you are a group of 6 or more participants, we can create a specific online classroom for you, adapting the start and end dates, as well as the intensity of completion. Get in touch with our Company Services ( and ask for futher information.

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