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Dual Vocational Training (DUAL FP) is a format of Vocational Training in which students combine training in the school with activity in a company. During the training stay, the students carry out tasks agreed upon by the company and the school, learning specific contents and subjects in greater depth than that which would be possible in the school.

The School of Water participated in the design, approval and implementation of the new Middle Level Vocational Training qualification in “Technician in water networks, facilities and plants”, which has as its reference two level-2 professional qualifications.

Dual Vocational Training benefits the students, since they acquire specialized training appreciated on the labour market, and skills to be developed in a labour context, in addition to having the possibility of combining the training with a paid internship. It is also beneficial for the company, since it has the opportunity of influencing educational contents and the type of learning, and generates autonomous, responsible and specialized professionals.

The School of Water currently facilitates the teaching of this middle level qualification in the following centres:

Institut Pere Martell de Tarragona
The Institut Pere Martell is one of the most noteworthy public Vocational Training centres of Catalonia, with an area of influence which covers Tarragona, Catalonia and the neighbouring communities. It is a specific Vocational Training (FP) centre, a benchmark in Catalonia in offering vocational, occupational and continuing training.Further information >>


The EMT is a public secondary school, owned by Granollers Town Council and maintained thanks to a specific agreement with the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia. It is characterized by its link to the local and regional environment, and also by its relations with the world of work.Further information >>


Each day over 900 students attend the Centro Politécnico de Santiago de Compostela, where they receive training in different professional families, such as Electricity and Electronics, Mechanical Manufacturing, Wood, Furniture and Cork, Vehicle Transport and Maintenance, and Water and Energy, among others. Further information >>