Online methodology

Autonomous, flexible and practice-oriented learning

Designed by specialists in learning processes in virtual environments and awarded by the Association of e-Learning Providers (APeL) for its excellence and methodological innovation, the pedagogical online model of the School of Water is focused on the student:



With the best experts

We are aware of the personal effort involved in online learning, and therefore, you will have:

  • The guide of an expert who will bring you technical support by putting all his/her knowledge at your disposal
  • An academic mentor who will individually receive and guide you during your formative trip
  • Didactic materials developed and written by renowned authors currently working in the leading water companies


A unique technical and management training experience

The methodology and the support resources are designed to facilitate autonomous, flexible and practice-oriented learning.

The innovative educational approach of the materials involves resolving CHALLENGES based on the real professional issues that you will have to confront during your professional career.

First we present the challenge that you will have to resolve and that you may face in a real situation; you will then be able to access the transmedia content in order to find your solution; finally, you have to deliver your solution which you will be able to contrast with the solution proposed by the expert.


Transmedia formats

The challenges and other contents are presented in various transmedia formats:

Mini-reports, interviews, competitions, news, last-minute information....

Audiovisual reports, and resources which complement the content in an educational manner.

Knowledge of journalistic, friendly and dynamic language.

Annotations, tips, reviews, highlighting what is really applied in the professional world.


Get to know the Virtual Campus



You are invited to enter to the School of Water's Virtual Campus.(
You will receive the access codes and you will be able to know firsthand what the Campus is like and contact your academic advisor who will guide you and solve any doubt you may have.