Aqualogía is the School's water program. After 7 years touring the primary schools in Spain, it is now digitized to guarantee access at all times to content and teaching resources, whether in the classroom or from home.

With an approach based on the cure of the environment, the sustainability of resources and action on climate change, Aqualogía discovers to primary school students the integral cycle of water, how it reaches our homes and what treatments are necessary for its consumption and return to the natural environment.

Through interactive games, experiments and challenges, the characters of Aqualogía will immerse us in the fascinating knowledge of water through the virtual campus of the School of Water, where each school group has a specific classroom to carry out the different activities, with lasting approximately 2 hours.



  • Bringing the knowledge of natural and urban water cycles closer to schoolchildren
  • Raise awareness about the climate crisis and promote collective action to face it
  • Facilitate the participation and interaction of schoolchildren through the use of new technologies
  • Make available to the educational community a didactic tool adapted to the curriculum of each educational cycle


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