Welcome to the School of Water

Sectorial training in the best hands


Escuela del Agua is the institution specialized in training in the field of water and the environment whose main objective is to train and develop professionals in the sector with the highest level of excellence and competence. Thus, it offers programs in collaboration with prestigious universities and educational centers.

The portfolio of programs includes master's degrees, diplomas and short-term courses, as well as professional training programs and educational outreach programs for schoolchildren, citizens, professionals and companies.

The contents are developed in different formats and taught in different modalities (face-to-face, blended, online) using innovative methodologies, respecting educational objectives and facilitating situational learning for immediate application.

Our commitment



Offer to the society, companies, institutions and participants in our programmes knowledge on sustainable water management amb environement, offering them a unique and excellent learning experience.



Be a global benchmark in knowledge, training and talent applied to water management and natural resources using innovative methodologies and technologies.




Learning model

The training programmes cover all spheres of the complete water cycle, using various face-to-face and online methodologies, which provide a unique learning experience and immediate applicability of the skills developed on long courses (masters degrees and postgraduate programmes) and specialized technical courses, official Vocational Training and continuing education or educational actions adapted to different groups, whether children or adults.

The School of Waters methodological approach, in any of its forms, contains elements of learning by doing, which implies learning through experience. The training includes carrying out activities in which students learn by applying the knowledge acquired through the resolution of real cases from the sector or undertaking either individual or group projects.

The higher education students moreover join the School of Waters Alumni community, made up of all the current and former masters degree and postgraduate students. This meeting place allows them to stay in contact, continue to develop their career, and keep their knowledge of the water and environment.


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