Aqualogía incorporates new pieces created by David Calle, influencer, director of Unicoos and academy teacher. The program brings the natural and urban water cycle closer to primary school children, and promotes a positive attitude and behavior towards the environment.

From the 2021-22 school year, the digitized 100% water school program, in order to guarantee access to all the contents and didactic resources, will have new contents created by David Calle. The new content of the program is mainly focused on the third cycle of primary school (fifth and sixth) and addresses issues such as energy, climate change or scarcity of resources, among others. Teachers who wish to take part in the activity, once registered, will have access to a pedagogical assistance service to resolve doubts and incidents, as well as tools to evaluate the group's progress.

The main objectives of the program are to raise awareness of the importance of water, foster a positive attitude towards the environment through knowledge of the natural and urban water cycle, raise awareness of the climate crisis and promote collective action to address it. It also encourages student participation and interaction through the use of new technologies with an online 100% program and provides teachers and students with a didactic tool adapted to the curriculum of each school.

Schools in municipalities with water services linked to Agbar can access Aqualogía free of charge. At this link locations can be consulted and the water operator can be contacted to apply for the program.

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