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Specialized technical online courses

Formación técnica

We provide you with the best training offer for Strengthen your technical skills in urban water cycle management..

Our offer of short and tutored online courses will allow you to acquire specific knowledge on design, operation and maintenance in urban and industrial water management.. They are designed for industry professionals looking to update their skills and knowledge to improve their job performance. Through interactive and practical lessons, our specialists will guide you through the most relevant technical aspects.

With our courses, you will learn to:

  • To have an integral vision of the urban water cycle.
  • To understand the processes and to know the most frequent treatments carried out in industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Knowledge of surface and groundwater collection and treatment.
  • Design efficient urban water management systems.
  • Operate and maintain critical water supply and sanitation infrastructures.
  • Understand the key challenges of urban water management and how to overcome them.

Likewise, we put at your disposal intensive programs of visits to leading urban water cycle facilities with the accompaniment of the managers and specialists of each installation, who highlight the technical characteristics that make them attractive to professionals due to their modern, efficient and environmentally friendly designs and operating models.

Featured programs

Técnicas de Recepción y Comunicación
Professional Qualification

Reception and Communication Techniques

Operaciones Administrativas Comerciales
Professional Qualification

Commercial Administrative Operations

Grabación de Datos
Professional Qualification

Data Recording

Gestión de Archivos
Professional Qualification

File Management

Mantenimiento Preventivo de Redes
Professional Qualification

Preventive Network Maintenance

Puesta en Servicio y Operación de Redes
Professional Qualification

Network Commissioning and Operation

Montaje de Redes de Agua Potable
Professional Qualification

Installation of Drinking Water Networks

Montaje de Redes de Saneamiento
Professional Qualification

Installation of Sanitation Networks

Replanteo de Redes de Agua Potable
Professional Qualification

Water Network Layout

Replanteo de Redes de Saneamiento
Professional Qualification

Sewage Network Layout

Reparación de Equipos Mecánicos y Eléctricos de EDAR y ETAP
Professional Qualification

Repair of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment of WWTP and ETAP

Mantenimiento Preventivo de Equipos y Procesos de EDAR y ETAP
Professional Qualification

Preventive Maintenance of WWTP and WWTP Equipment and Processes

Funcionamiento y Operación de EDAR
Professional Qualification

WWTP Performance and Operation

MOOC: Reutilización de Aguas Depuradas

MOOC: Reuse of treated waters

Open enrollment
MOOC: Limpieza Avanzada de la Red de Drenaje
Módulo de Posgrado en Alcantarillado y Aguas Pluviales
Postgraduate modules

Postgraduate Module on Sewerage and Stormwater

Módulo de Posgrado en Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales
Postgraduate modules

Postgraduate Module in Wastewater Treatment

Módulo de Posgrado en Distribución de Agua Potable
Postgraduate modules

Postgraduate Module in Drinking Water Distribution

Módulo de Posgrado en Producción de Agua Potable
Postgraduate modules

Postgraduate Module in Drinking Water Production

Visitas Técnicas Barcelona

Technical Visits Barcelona