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Continuous training

Formación Contínua

The online training itinerary designed for operators and administrative profiles of water companies is composed of a a set of short online courses whose main objective is to provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for the correct development of their functions and responsibilities.. The different modules can be taken independently, in asynchronous format, and are fully eligible for FUNDAE subsidies.

The contents of the courses have been elaborated taking as a reference the set of professional competencies that make up the professionalism certificates approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy of the Government of Spain for the Vocational Training System for Employment.

From a fully professionalized approachThe different courses present the essential concepts that the professionals of the operator and administrative profile water companies need to know in order to develop their professional activity in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way.

Do you want to train your team? If you are a group of 10 or more participants, we can create a specific classroom for you, adapting the start and end dates and the study load. Please contact our Corporate Services department for more information.

Are you a private individual? Enter the course and request more information.

Featured programs

Técnicas de Recepción y Comunicación
Professional Qualification

Reception and Communication Techniques

Operaciones Administrativas Comerciales
Professional Qualification

Commercial Administrative Operations

Grabación de Datos
Professional Qualification

Data Recording

Gestión de Archivos
Professional Qualification

File Management

Mantenimiento Correctivo de Redes
Professional Qualification

Corrective Network Maintenance

Mantenimiento Preventivo de Redes
Professional Qualification

Preventive Network Maintenance

Puesta en Servicio y Operación de Redes
Professional Qualification

Network Commissioning and Operation

Montaje de Redes de Agua Potable
Professional Qualification

Installation of Drinking Water Networks

Montaje de Redes de Saneamiento
Professional Qualification

Installation of Sanitation Networks

Replanteo de Redes de Agua Potable
Professional Qualification

Water Network Layout

Replanteo de Redes de Saneamiento
Professional Qualification

Sewage Network Layout

Reparación de Equipos Mecánicos y Eléctricos de EDAR y ETAP
Professional Qualification

Repair of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment of WWTP and ETAP

Mantenimiento Preventivo de Equipos y Procesos de EDAR y ETAP
Professional Qualification

Preventive Maintenance of WWTP and WWTP Equipment and Processes

Funcionamiento y Operación de EDAR
Professional Qualification

WWTP Performance and Operation

Funcionamiento y Operación de ETAP
Professional Qualification

Functioning and Operation of ETAP