Yesterday's Water School Act was a special occasion not only to celebrate the graduation of the 2021-2022 graduating classes, who have shown a great capacity to adapt and overcome the current context, but also to celebrate our 10 years as an entity.

In the words of our director, Lluc Pejó: "Today we celebrate 10 years since the beginning of four projects that were the seed of each of the lines of activity: the #Master, the FP Dual, the accreditations of professional competences and Aqualogía".

In addition to his words, Agbar's CEO, Manuel Cermerón, added: "In order to endure in the water sector, we need to take a long-term view. To place knowledge and talent as an essential strategy for the company".

Mr. Albert Castellanos, Secretary for Enterprise and Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya, also participated in the event, valuing the special work in the Vocational Training sector and the alliances between the public-private sectors.

We also had a round table on "Training and Professional Qualification", as well as the presentation of the Master's Final Projects on Telelectura implementations and sanitation plans in Los Alcázares.

A ceremony in which congratulations were shared by students, the teaching community and collaborators from the institutional spheres, who wished to share their expressions of gratitude for the work of our School in the last decade.

At the presentation of diplomas, we also had the participation of representatives of the University of Barcelona_IL3, Guillem Iñíguez, Barcelona Shcool of Management - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Marcos Eguiguren, Escuela del Agua with Mònica Pérez, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Escola Tècnica Superior d'Eginyeria de Ports, Esther Real and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya UOC corporate, Jordi Gutiérrez.

Agbar's Chairman, Ángel Simón, closed the event, stressing that "Companies and organizations need expert knowledge and the best prepared talent to face present and future global challenges".