Sharing knowledge with our strategic allies, in this case, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia, is the objective of the webinar (Facebook live) "The Evolution of water purification treatments", as part of the presentation of the Master's Degree in Sustainable Water Management, a program co-developed by both institutions.

For the Water School, strategic alliances based on sharing and transmitting knowledge through our experts are key factors in developing training programs focused on local contexts and the needs of each territory.

Jordi Martin, head of the Water Quality Management Unit at Aigües de Barcelona, emphasized that prevention rather than correction in drinking water treatment systems is, in the long run, the best model for sustainable management. He emphasized the need to move from having super-specialists in water management to professionals with a global training, with an understanding of technical issues from engineering, but also of political, economic, social, legal and information dissemination to citizens, to the extent that this interdisciplinary approach will allow citizens to have quality, safe and drinkable water in their homes.

The master's degree will broaden this cross-cutting approach in the people who participate in it, integrating different aspects of water management. As in most of our executive training and management development courses, we provide you with the tools to develop your management, leadership and management skills.

If you want to watch the session you can do so here.