We are committed to professional qualification in the water sector

Diagnose your team's competencies and promote learning through personalized itineraries.

Your team in the best hands

More than 150 years in the management of the integral cycle of water and the environment guarantee us. We design specific training actions for each group of professionals.

Competence diagnosis

Evaluate, train and enhance your team's capabilities.

Platform customization

Platform with your look&feel. Based on Moodle Workplace.

Generation of personalized training itineraries

For water and environmental professionals.

Helps manage and control the training plan

Control and monitoring dashboard. Certificate issuance

Wide specialized training offer

Choose from a wide range of specialized technical content.

Training eligible for FUNDAE

Programming of monthly calls subsidized by FUNDAE.

Promotion of participant self-learning

Enhances user proactivity. Gamified itineraries. Issuance of badges.

Adaptation to your needs

Independent content packages. Various types of service. Ability to upload courses from other providers.

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