We live in a technological world where in a single click we can access the vastest knowledge. At this point, memorizing content loses value, compared to other skills such as critically interpreting information, being able to create what does not yet exist, or daring to innovate despite uncertainty.

Hence the importance of art, since originality, questioning and risk are fundamental parts of the creative process, while the approach to artistic disciplines offers us a different understanding of the historical and cultural dimension to better interpret the contexts in which we develop as professionals.

Escuela del Agua is incorporating STEAM competencies as a cross-cutting vector in its most significant training and professional development proposals, and has also undertaken the design of specific programs in this area aimed at professionals with a technoscientific profile.

The AQUASeminars on climate change and Digital Transformation were the first to be complemented by activities involving both teachers and students, on music and storytelling, respectively. Different face-to-face programs The Water School's technical visits have also incorporated historical, patrimonial and cultural contents that have provided them with a new contextuality and interdisciplinary connection.

With the aim of providing knowledge and awakening sensitive skills in the field of the arts to integrate them into scientific-technical competencies, the new program From Water to STEAM has allowed 20 professionals from Agbar's engineering and scientific careers to gain first-hand knowledge of national cultural institutions of reference, as well as to discover the creative process of artists in disciplines as diverse as architecture, painting, literature, music and the performing arts. At the same time, and on a more practical level, the program has sought to bring into play related skills such as visual thinking, storytelling or improvisation, always with the aim of providing professionals with more tools to increase their value and grow in their jobs.

Also along these lines is the collaboration with the cycle of conferences Water Circleorganized by the Agbar Foundation. This event has been incorporated into the value proposition of the Water School for its Alumni group, in order to offer windows of inspiration, reflection or ideation that help to have a holistic view of current affairs from different perspectives and promote debate.