Within the framework of the European Year of Skills, Agbar's Water School offers a wide range of training courses to prepare today's and tomorrow's professionals to respond to the major challenges of our society..

The transition to a green and digital economy requires adequate training and skills to be able to meet today's challenges, such as climate change, the energy crisis and environmental protection. For this reason, 2023 has been declared the European Year of Skills, with the aim of empowering people and ensuring that the green and digital transition is socially just.

In this context, Agbar's Water School joins the initiative and offers a wide range of training to prepare the professionals of today and tomorrow, so that they can respond to the great challenges of our society.

The institution, created to share and transfer knowledge on water and the environment, extends to all citizens of the European Union a set of actions that will be developed throughout the year, such as the publication of articles, organization of lectures and new support in the form of special rates for its higher education programs, among other initiatives.

In a constantly changing world with growing awareness, the implementation of education and training measures related to the green economy, digitalization and entrepreneurship are essential to have the qualified talent to meet today's challenges. In this way, the knowledge and skills of professionals can be improved and developed in a sustainable way, the employability of young professionals can be ensured, and the competitiveness of companies in the green economy can be strengthened.