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Master's and postgraduate programs

Commitment to sustainable water management and leading the future of the sector

Másters y posgrados

The Online Master in Water Technology and Management is a training program accredited by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, for technical and managerial profiles, whose main objective is to provide participants with a comprehensive view of the management of the urban water cycle and managerial skills for strategic decision making in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in companies and water operators.

Postgraduate programs are programs that cover technical knowledge related to the water and environment sector and are clearly oriented towards professional specialization, with the objective of covering the needs of the water and environment sector. technical needs of specialists operating in the different parts of the integral water cycle. These programs are part of the Master's itinerary, which allows to start a professional development path: you start a postgraduate course with the possibility of extending it to a master's degree by transferring credits.

In this way, the participant can choose between:

  • To take the master's degree directly (60 ECTS).
  • Obtain the master's degree through two technical postgraduate courses (18 ECTS) and the Specialization Course in Water Company Management, which includes the PFM (24 ECTS).

You can download the itineraries here.

Featured programs

Curso de Especialización en Clientes
Specialization Courses

Customer Specialization Course

Posgrado Online en Redes de Agua

Online Postgraduate in Water Networks

Posgrado Online en Plantas de Tratamiento de Agua

Postgraduate Online in Water Treatment Plants

Posgrado en Gestión de Empresas de Agua

Postgraduate in Water Company Management

Máster Ejecutivo en Tecnología y Gestión del Agua
Master's Degree

Executive Master in Water Technology and Management

Máster Online en Tecnología y Gestión del Agua
Master's Degree

Online Master in Water Technology and Management