On October 31, the 13th general assembly of the European SPIRE-SAIS project was held at the ESTEP offices in Brussels. The Water School was participating in the meeting where the results generated in each of the “work packages” were presented.

The development of the online platform stands out SKILLS4Planet which will come into operation in the coming months. It is a platform to interact effectively with the different interest groups around the 10 industrial sectors included in the project on industrial symbiosis. The platform offers a self-assessment tool and a selection of learning solutions in the competencies necessary for the human capital of organizations/industries to drive the green transition and industrial symbiosis. The project has begun with deployment in the steel and ceramics industry. 

The deployment of the project for the water sector is expected on March 27, 2024 in Brussels on the occasion of the water week [Event Water Market Knowledge]. The final meeting of the project will be in Dortmund on May 23, 2024.