This October the second meeting of the EU Water Challenge VET Lab project was held in Leuven (Belgium), where the three international teams of students have created the first ideas to solve the challenge proposed by The Water School: How to improve water management. water through nature-based solutions to achieve green and sustainable cities?

The teams, made up of young Danes, Belgians and Spaniards, are already working on the development of these first proposals: new ways of accumulating water and reusing it, structures to prevent flooding, channeling systems that differentiate rainwater from “dirty” water. … 

Students in higher-level training cycles thus address real-world needs by applying the Challenge Based Learning approach and following open innovation methodologies, while acquiring deeper knowledge about the climate crisis and the impact on our cities and on European territory.

The next meeting, aimed at prototyping these ideas, will take place in Viborg in March next year. Get creative!