The Water School offers the professional counseling service provided by Ana Tarrafeta, a certified coach with more than 20 years of experience. This service is available to the Alumni community, made up of all those who have been trained in the Water School's higher education programs (master's, postgraduate and graduate modules).

According to Ana, the situation in the water sector is stable and showing steady growth, and the flow of new contracts tends to be constant.

In Spain, there is a demand for design engineers for hydraulic projects, with special emphasis on Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering, Public Works Technical Engineering and related fields. Industrial Engineers are also often needed, especially for the electromechanical equipment of water treatment plants. Engineers oriented to the design of such equipment, as well as those in charge of its installation and commissioning, are required, as well as technical-commercial engineers, for the sale of such equipment.

In Latin America, the demand is mainly oriented towards professionals needed for the development of water infrastructures in general. Therefore, many Project Managers are requested for integrated water management, from the design and construction of supply and sanitation networks, treatment plants and even for ambitious water reuse projects. Another figure in high demand in Latam is that of Country Manager as the last person in charge of the delegations that many foreign companies (especially Spanish) have in countries in the region, also dedicated to business development tasks.

Ana Tarrafeta is a global recruitment specialist at Select-ing, a company specialized in the selection of technical profiles mainly focused on infrastructure, civil engineering, industrial engineering, water/waste treatment, chemistry, renewable energy, environment and supply chain. In their view, "the Master in Water Management and Technology gives candidates a comprehensive view of the water sector as a whole," which increases the value of participants in the job market.

If you want to learn more about the keys to this service, Ágora Diario has published an interview where he explains the trends of the labor market in Spain, the most demanded profiles and his personal vision regarding the future of the sector.