Consolidated as the benchmark in training and talent development in the sector, Escuela del Agua has been evolving its identity since its inception in 2012, when it began its activity open to professionals to share the knowledge of Agbar experts.

In 2016, coinciding with the launch of the online master's degree in water technology and management and its vocation for global presence, the current name of the school was coined.

Since then, we are witnessing a very rapid evolution of technologies linked to learning and a high degree of adoption of new ways of learning, largely driven by the pandemic. At the same time, the need to undertake a true green and digital transition is also being reflected in the promotion of new integrated and multi-level systems of lifelong professional training.

The purpose of the School, to make knowledge about sustainable water management available to society, companies, institutions and professionals through a unique learning experience, is reinforced in this new paradigm. In this sense, the new identity of Escuela del Agua reflects the balance between the continuity of our reason for being and the ambition to continue leading the development of professional talent in the world of water.

What are you looking at?

We challenge you to think about what inspires you or what you see in our new corporate identity and at the same time, we explain what it means to us.

This evolution has led us to what may seem like a drop of water and a voxel, which expresses our purpose of contributing to the green and digital transition.
A smiling face, reflecting our personalized lifelong learning experience.
An 'E' for school and a quotation mark, which conveys our educational and academic vocation.

In short, a new image that expresses the academic and technical rigor that corresponds to a company with 165 years of experience in water management and a project in collaboration with the best universities, technical schools and business schools.