Within the framework of strategic alliances and current international collaborations, we highlight the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogota as an academic partner for more than five years. We jointly manage the Master's Degree in Sustainable Water Management as well as different programs and specific collaborations.

Among them, next week we start the Diploma in Sustainability for Water Companies, in blended format, with virtual content, live video sessions and virtualized technical visits. This will be the third and last diploma course of a whole itinerary developed for Empresas Públicas de Cundinamarca (EPC). During the sessions there will be three modules and a video session with topics related to different experts. The first on water management as a driver for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the second on how to address water challenges with solutions based on Nature (SbN) and the third and last one on the trinomial Water, Energy and Food.

This group has completed the Diploma in Technical Management of Water Companies and the Diploma in Strategic Management of Water Companies. With the training they have completed, they are almost halfway to obtaining the Master's Degree in Sustainable Water Management (UTADEO).